The species of Ochroconis are oligotrophic saprobes found in litter, soil and moist surfaces and some are opportunists causing infections in humans and animals (1). The classification of species in this genus has recently been revised (2). O. mirabilis has been found mostly from water and aquatic vertebrates. In humans, O. mirabilis was frequently isolated from skin and nails. This species has been reported being isolated from moist environment in domestic environments such as bathrooms (3). The strain in this study, UM 578 was isolated from human skin scraping.


The colony of UM 578 was raised in the middle and grey brown in colour while the circumference was red brown in colour. Red exudates was observed in the medium surrounding the colony. The reverse of the colony was dark brown and did not grow into the agar. The conidiophores of UM 578 were unbranched, cylindrical to acicular in shape. The conidia were rhexolytic, smooth walled, subhyaline to pale brown. Anastomosing hyphae was found in this species (2).



1. Machouart M, Samerpitak K, de Hoog GS, Gueidan C. A multigene phylogeny reveals that Ochroconis belongs to the family Sympoventuriaceae (Venturiales, Dothideomycetes). Fungal Divers. 2013;65(1):77-88.
2. Samerpitak K, Van der Linde E, Choi H-J, Gerrits van den Ende A. HG, Machouart M, Gueidan C, et al. Taxonomy of Ochroconis, genus including opportunistic pathogens on humans and animals. Fungal Divers. 2013;65(1):89-126.
3. Lian X, de Hoog GS. Indoor wet cells harbour melanized agents of cutaneous infection. Med Mycol. 2010;48(4):622-8.


Ochroconis mirabilis UM 578

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    Taxonomic Classification

    Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
    Class: Dothideomycetes
    Order: Venturiales
    Family: Sympoventuriaceae
    Genus: Ochroconis
    Species: Ochroconis mirabilis


    Strain Details

    Stock Number1666
    Morphological IdentityOchroconis sp.
    Molecular IdentityOchroconis mirabilis
    Isolation LocationSkin scraping
    Collection Date7/11/2012
    Isolation CountryMalaysia



    Assembly size(bp): 34,611,065
    Number of contigs: 603
    Number of contigs (>=200bp): 544
    Total contigs size(bp): 34,443,755
    Contigs N50(bp): 220,443
    Contigs GC content(%): 52.1
    Number of scaffolds (>=1000bp): 163
    Total scaffolds size(bp): 34,611,065
    Scaffolds N50(bp): 1,170,353
    Scaffolds GC content(%): 51.84

    Gene Models

    Number of predicted genes (>=99bp): 13,435
    Average gene length: 1,411
    Average number of exons per gene: 2.57
    rRNAs: 14
    tRNAs: 71

    Gene Annotations

    KEGG : 1012
    EC : 2029
    GO : 6829
    KOG : 6909
    PFAM : 8923
    Interpro : 9397
    CAZyme : 590
    CAZyme Unique : 559
    Secondary Metabolite : 14
    Peptidase : 186
    Peptidase Unique : 179
    Virulence Factor : 401

  • NCBI Taxonomy
  • Organism Platform Read type Library size(bp) Number of reads Read length(bp) Total read size(bp) Estimated genome size(Mbp) Sequencing coverage(X)
    Ochroconis Illumina HiSeq 2000 Small insert 500 22,277,778 90 2,005,000,020 33.6 - 38.0 53
    Ochroconis Illumina HiSeq 2000 Large insert 5,000 11,222,224 90 1,010,000,160 33.6 - 38.0 27