Bipolaris papendorfii is a dematiaceous fungus belonging to the order Pleosporales in the class Dothideomycetes. B. papendorfii UM 226 was isolated from the skin scraping sample of a patient. B. papendorfii is a rare opportunistic pathogen as compared to the three well-known pathogenic species: Bipolaris australiensis, Bipolaris hawaiiensis and Bipolaris spicifera. B. papendorfii is also causal agent of corn leaf spot in China. Bioactive compounds: hamigerone and radicinol that were extracted from B. papendorfii were found to have anti-proliferative activity.


The surface of the colonies was initially grayish white to olive green and becomes to black. The colony becomes mature in 5 days growing on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) and a raised grayish periphery was observed. Colonies are effuce and velvety. Conidiophores are simple or branched, flexuose with zigzag rachis bearing conidium in a sympodial pattern. Conidia are curved and kidney-shaped, which usually broadest at the second cell from the base.



1. Giridharan, P., Verekar, S.A., Gohil, A.R., Mishra, P.D., Khanna, A. and Deshmukh, S.K., 2014. Antiproliferative activity of hamigerone and radicinol isolated from Bipolaris papendorfii. Biomed Res Int 2014, 890904.
2. Li, P.P. and Cao, Z.Y., 2013. First report of Bipolaris papendorfii causing corn leaf spot in China. Plant disease 97, 1506.


Bipolaris papendorfii UM 226

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    Taxonomic Classification

    Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
    Class: Dothideomycetes
    Order: Pleosporales
    Family: Pleosporaceae
    Genus: Bipolaris
    Species: Bipolaris papendorfii


    Strain Details

    Stock Number1154
    Morphological IdentityBipolaris sp.
    Molecular IdentityBipolaris papendorfii
    Isolation LocationSkin scraping
    Collection Date24/2/2011
    Isolation CountryMalaysia



    Assembly size(bp): 33,397,470
    Number of contigs: 374
    Number of contigs (>=200bp): 374
    Total contigs size(bp): -
    Contigs N50(bp): 146,099
    Contigs GC content(%): 50.65
    Number of scaffolds (>=1000bp): -
    Total scaffolds size(bp): -
    Scaffolds N50(bp): -
    Scaffolds GC content(%): -

    Gene Models

    Number of predicted genes (>=99bp): 11,015
    Average gene length: 1,425
    Average number of exons per gene: 2.95
    rRNAs: 18
    tRNAs: 128

    Gene Annotations

    KEGG : 1206
    EC : 2381
    GO : 7154
    KOG : 6296
    PFAM :
    Interpro : 8282
    CAZyme : 729
    CAZyme Unique : 669
    Secondary Metabolite : 32
    Peptidase : 153
    Peptidase Unique : 150
    Virulence Factor : 442

  • NCBI Taxonomy
  • Catalogue of Life
  • Organism Platform Read type Library size(bp) Number of reads Read length(bp) Total read size(bp) Estimated genome size(Mbp) Sequencing coverage(X)
    Bipolaris Illumina HiSeq 2000 Small Insert 500 33,655,556 90 3,029,000,040 32.4 - 34.8 87
    Bipolaris PacBio Single End 20,000 405,257 2,742 1,111,215,948 32.4 - 34.8 34