Daldinia eschscholtzii is known as wood-inhabiting endophyte that presents in the host tissue in dormant stage. Once the host is damaged or stressed, it would switch to wood-decaying fungi (1). It is known to produce potential secondary metabolites of industrial importance (2-6). This fungal species have never been reported to be isolated from human specimen. Interestingly, a D. eschscholtzii was isolated from skin scraping (D. eschscholtzii UM 1400) in our mycology diagnostic laboratory.

Apart from the 2 D. eschscholtzii genomes generated in this project, the genome of a D. eschscholzii (EC-12) isolated from rainforest tree Myroxylon balsamum was also generated by Joint Genome Institute (JGI) in the year 2011.


The UM 1400 culture appeared as whitish and felty colonies after 5 days incubation time at 30°C. The septated conidiophores were microscopically observed to be monochotomously or dichotomously branched under the light microscope. Two to five conidiogeneous cells were arisen from the terminus of conidiophores. Under the scanning electron microscope, the shape of conidia was seen to be ellipsoid and the base of conidia was attenuated.



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Daldinia eschscholtzii UM 1400

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    Taxonomic Classification

    Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
    Class: Sordariomycetes
    Order: Xylariales
    Family: Xylariaceae
    Genus: Daldinia
    Species: Daldinia eschscholzii


    Strain Details

    Stock Number1400
    Morphological IdentityDaldinia sp.
    Molecular IdentityDaldinia eschscholzii
    Isolation LocationSkin scraping
    Collection Date2/2/2012
    Isolation CountryMalaysia



    Assembly size(bp): 35,760,939
    Number of contigs: 1,944
    Number of contigs (>=200bp): 1,939
    Total contigs size(bp): 35,539,942
    Contigs N50(bp): 33,562
    Contigs GC content(%): 46.8
    Number of scaffolds (>=1000bp): 104
    Total scaffolds size(bp): 35,760,939
    Scaffolds N50(bp): 701,334
    Scaffolds GC content(%): 46.51

    Gene Models

    Number of predicted genes (>=99bp): 10,822
    Average gene length: 1,483
    Average number of exons per gene: 2.87
    rRNAs: 29
    tRNAs: 168

    Gene Annotations

    KEGG : 975
    EC : 1962
    GO : 6471
    KOG : 6168
    PFAM : 7690
    Interpro : 7959
    CAZyme : 664
    CAZyme Unique : 619
    Secondary Metabolite : 47
    Peptidase : 181
    Peptidase Unique : 178
    Virulence Factor : 602

  • NCBI Taxonomy
  • Catalogue of Life
  • Organism Platform Read type Library size(bp) Number of reads Read length(bp) Total read size(bp) Estimated genome size(Mbp) Sequencing coverage(X)
    Daldinia Illumina HiSeq 2000 Small insert 500 25,764,344 90 2,318,790,960 35.1 - 42.8 54
    Daldinia Illumina HiSeq 2000 Large insert 5,000 16,400,396 90 1,476,035,640 35.1 - 42.8 35