Pleosporales is the largest order in the class Dothideomycetes, comprising of more than 4700 species. Members of this order occur in various habitats as endophytes, epiphytes or parasites of living leaves or stems, hyperparasites on fungi or insects, lichenicolous, or are saprobes of dead plant stems, leaves or bark in terrestrial or aquatic environments, or occur on animal dung (1). A dematiaceous fungus isolated from human nasopharyngeal aspirate was unidentifiable based on the morphological characteristics. It was only identified to order level as Pleosporales by molecular approaches.


On Sabouraud Dextrose Agar, this isolate appeared as brown surface with white cottony aerial mycelia. Microscopic images showed the septated hyphae falling apart into rectangular arthroconidia.



1. Zhang Y, Crous PW, Schoch CL, Hyde, KD. Pleosporales. Fungal Divers. 2012; 53(1):1-221.


Pleosporales sp. UM 1110

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    Taxonomic Classification

    Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
    Class: Dothideomycetes
    Order: Pleosporales
    Family: Massarinaceae
    Genus: Stagonospora
    Species: Stagonospora sp.


    Strain Details

    Stock Number1110
    Morphological Identity-
    Molecular IdentityPleosporales sp.
    Isolation LocationNasopharyngeal secretion
    Collection Date4/10/2010
    Isolation CountryMalaysia



    Assembly size(bp): 36,912,818
    Number of contigs: 500
    Number of contigs (>=200bp): 498
    Total contigs size(bp): 36,814,336
    Contigs N50(bp): 308,776
    Contigs GC content(%): 51.14
    Number of scaffolds (>=1000bp): 419
    Total scaffolds size(bp): 36,814,818
    Scaffolds N50(bp): 312,067
    Scaffolds GC content(%): 51.14

    Gene Models

    Number of predicted genes (>=99bp): 14,074
    Average gene length: 1,512
    Average number of exons per gene: 2.59
    rRNAs: 25
    tRNAs: 101

    Gene Annotations

    KEGG : 0
    EC :
    GO :
    KOG :
    PFAM :
    Interpro :
    CAZyme :
    CAZyme Unique :
    Secondary Metabolite :
    Peptidase :
    Peptidase Unique :
    Virulence Factor :

  • NCBI Taxonomy
  • Organism Platform Read type Library size(bp) Number of reads Read length(bp) Total read size(bp) Estimated genome size(Mbp) Sequencing coverage(X)
    Pleosporales Illumina GA II Small insert 350 54,823,076 32 - 101 4,052,336,456 36.8 - 42.9 94