Codon Genomics is a knowledge intensive company that constantly strives to fuse sound experimental approaches with robust bioinformatics analysis in answering biological questions. Every product and service is supported from experimental design to custom downstream data analysis.

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We are a group of molecular biologists and genome informaticists who founded this company with a vision of providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to researchers specializing in molecular biology today.

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Never in history has the genome been so extensively studied. Armed with cutting edge tools and analytics, we are ready to discover the intricacies of life so diverse and meaningful.

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NGS Sequencing Service Now On Offer

Sequencing + Data Analysis Done Right

Now Supporting All Major Sequencing Platforms

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Guiding Principles

Our experience in molecular biology research led us to understand how a sound body of bioinformatics data can be the core to an efficient research and it is that that fuels our passion to be an effective genomics research solution provider.

In order to do so, we have set up a system of solutions for researchers so as to meet their needs to build their genomics research. Our approach is to converge different disciplines with sound data analysis to make sense of biological questions and in doing so, help contribute the building blocks of a more coherent and precise architecture of genomics and life.

We specialize in next generation sequencing data generation and analysis with a comprehensive range of services that can be tailor made to suit the researchers every research needs.

All Major Platforms

We offer sequencing service for a plethora of sequencing platforms and analysis to answer diverse biological questions. Currently supporting Illumina, SOLiD & 454 sequencing platforms

Cost Effective

Our cost structure is designed to enable an easy reach to cutting edge research for every researchers, thus enabling future discoveries, today!


We've Got Your Back

Supported by experienced molecular biologists and genome informaticists, you are assured of top notch support and robust analysis.


Customized Analytics

Not all projects have the same requirement. In fact, the requirements are often as diverse as life itself. Realising this, we are geared towards specialising in highly customised analytics of your genome data.


Collaborative Approach

Learning from our meaningful collaborations with leading research institutes such as the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) of Malaysia, National University of Malaysia (UKM) & Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI), we employ a collaborative approach to every projects.

Quick Support

Our Service Quality Charter requires our support staff to attend to an active project enquiry within 24 hours (next business day) so that you will never be in the dark, ever!



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Fast turnaround time and very well designed experimental approach.

- Douglas Law (National University Malaysia)

Excellent support!

- Song Beng Kah, PhD (Monash University)

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We are hiring! And are looking for dynamic and self-motivated bioinformaticians to join our team. Join us to develop a challenging and rewarding career.

Email enquiry@codongenomics.com

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